3 Fun Ways to Feel Creative Today!

Fear of Writing Gazette, April 11, 2007

Try the “100 Things” Creative Warm-Up

Who would have thunk? Making a list can be fun, creative and even a good way to bond with family and friends.

My first “100 Things” list was called 100 Things You May or May Not Want to Know About Me. I had so much fun making it (and sharing it with friends), I’ve decided my next list will be

  • 100 Things I Remember From My Childhood

The magic number 100 will pull things out of you that you probably wouldn’t get to otherwise. But if you don’t have much time and want to jumpstart a flow of words, reduce your list to 50, 25 or even 15 Things.

Here are some basic ideas for other lists you can write:

  • 100 Things I Love
  • 100 Things About Where I Live
  • 100 Things I’d Never Do

Use a “100 Things” list to help get something off your chest, or even to get ideas for your writing. For instance:

  • 100 Things That Really Bug Me
  • 100 Things to Promise Myself on a Rainy Sunday Afternoon
  • 100 Things About My Main Character That May or May Not End Up In the Novel

Or, change the wording slightly and create a whole new type of list.

  • 100 Places I’ve Been, Near & Far
  • 100 Books, Movies, Music CDs I’ve Loved/Hated
  • 100 Fun Ways to Procrastinate

The 100 Things method is a playful way to nudge yourself into doing some writing . . . and you might even find it has an unexpected ripple effect.

Visit Milli’s list of 100 THINGS to see one in action

Discover the Joys of SuperViva: Dream, Aspire, Get Organized . . . Then Do It!

If you believe goal setting is a necessary chore on the road to success—or a false carrot that soon loses its power to inspire—prepare to bust your mental blocks on that one the fun and easy way!

I’ve had so much fun and experienced so much motivation at SuperViva, all I can say is “Check it out for yourself!”

There’s also another benefit to starting a SuperViva Life List today. The next issue of the Gazette will feature a contest called

The Fear of Writing/SuperViva Creativity Contest

All entries that include a link to the entrant’s own Life List at SuperViva will qualify for an extra cash prize!

Visit aussiewill at SuperViva to see how a life list looks

Get Chocolate on Your Homework

The latest writing prompt at Online Arts Outreach is designed to effortlessly have you writing a story within minutes. The most common reaction to using this prompt is “That was fun!”

Your story may also be considered for the regular podcasts at Texas Public Radio. You do not need any special writing credentials (you don’t have to be from Texas either). Simply use the easy Rules for Submission that you’ll find when you click on this link:

Grab April’s prompt and write a tasty story

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Acknowledgments: Thanks to Greg Graves for introducing me to the “100 Things” list. Reading Greg’s List of 100 on his Yahoo 360 blog has inspired me and caused me a lot of fun.

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