Mezereum Fights Off the Dreaded Lurgi

SOUNDS A BIT like the plot for a Sci-Fi blockbuster, doesn’t it?

Mezereum is actually a homeopathic remedy … and the “dreaded lurgi” is Aussie lingo for a cold or the flu.

Since most writers have enough trouble carving out time to write without losing time to (avoidable) illness, I’d like to share my little secret for nipping sinus infections in the bud.

Sinus Town

If you’re not prone to this particular affliction, count your lucky stars. Sinus infections can be ungodly torture. I knew nothing of them myself until we moved to northern Ohio. The day the moving van pulled up to unload our stuff was the same day my husband and I came down with twin sinus infections.

As a writer friend who lives in nearby Cleveland said, after she heard me moaning:

“Cleveland is famously known by doctors as Sinus Town.”

Yabba dabba do.

Fortunately, it didn’t hit me as fast as it hit my husband, so I had time to go to the vitamin store and look for natural remedies. That was when I found Mezereum from Boiron Homeopathics.

How to Know Which Little White Pills to Take

While not the only homeopathic company out there, Boiron provides pharmacies and natural health store merchants with a flip chart so customers can match a specific remedy to their symptoms. When I looked through the chart, I zeroed in on “sneezing and sinus pain” and knew which one to choose.

(Note: The information on the Web page is not as helpful as the flip chart in the store.)

You simply take five of the tiny white pellets according to the frequency listed on the tube.

Not familiar with homeopathics? Click here for a quickie tutorial: What is Homeopathy?

Suffering’s Not Necessary—If You’re Quick About It

The first time we tried it, I had delayed too long in going to the store so we weren’t able to totally avert our suffering. But the next time I was on guard.

Twice now I’ve used Mezereum the very minute I notice those tell-tale signs (an even earlier symptom being weird twinges in the nasal cavity) and completely avoided coming down with a sinus infection, despite others around me succumbing.

My latest success was the day before we were due to leave for my husband’s company’s Christmas party in Chicago (a six hour drive), so I was doubly grateful to save myself from such a naaasty fate.

Postscript: Origin of “The Dreaded Lurgi”

I lived Down Under for 25 years and always assumed this was a term of Aussie origin. When I went in search of the correct spelling, I discovered the term was actually coined in Britain—by radio comics from The Goon Show (starring Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan).

The coining of the word lurgi is a diabolical tale, in a fascinating but goony sort of way. Here’s a link if you’d like to know more:

World Wide Words: Dreaded Lurgi

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