Making Creativity Click!

By guest blogger Bev Walton-Porter

WE ALL KNOW that mastering the nuts and bolts of writing is essential to success if you plan to get published and get paid for your efforts. However, on occasion the creative well might run dry and you could find yourself staring at a nasty case of writer’s block. If you’re one of the chosen few who has not suffered from “block,” then you can skip this blog post. For the rest of us poor souls, this one’s for you!

In this post, I’ll point you to information that focuses on how to turn up the heat of your creativity and really get your muse working overtime. I’ll also include some motivational podcasts that will help you pep yourself up when the words and ideas don’t seem to be sparking on all your creative cylinders.

It’s difficult to be creative at times. Often, mundane troubles make it hard for us to write, and downright impossible to get motivated. Fortunately, the ’Net provides a treasure trove of resources to help writers and other creatives re-energize themselves—and they’re all mere clicks away.

Writing is a journey, an ongoing process during which we occasionally stumble, pick ourselves up again, and finally succeed based on our personal expectations. When the words aren’t flowing just as you’d like them to, always remember that your personal journey is as individual as your fingerprints—and remember that no one has the right to dash your hopes of publication or to put out your creative fire.

Writers should help one another succeed. I call it the Golden Rule of Writing. Live by it and you’ll reap what you sow. Kind of like life, in my humble opinion.

If for some reason you can’t dredge up anything but negativity about you and your writing, drop me a note at and I will remind you how courageous you are for attempting to write—because you are! It is a noble undertaking and not for the faint of heart!

Dreams are as precious as fine diamonds. Like diamonds that must be chipped at and honed to release their sparkling brilliance, you must also continue to polish your prose or poetry to reveal your best work. Allow no one to stifle your creativity. No one has that right!

Now, on to those web sites I promised. You may want to create a folder for these sites and then bookmark them as you go along. That way, when you find yourself in dire need of inspiration and motivation, you’ll know exactly where to go find them!

Below you’ll find a sampling of information and articles on creativity, productivity and motivation. This list, of course, is not a complete compilation of what’s available. This is merely a starting point to allow you to jump off into areas that will lead you to new and more exciting destinations. Use this information to pump up your Muse, get motivated, and WRITE!

Enjoy your journey, write well, and write often!

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased and proud to publish the following links, which will lead you to more of Bev’s inspirational works. Enjoy!—Milli

Columns and articles for the creative writer

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Seven virtues for writers: embrace them

Feeding the urge: books strictly for the muse within

Elemental Musings: Podcasts
on creativity, writing and productivity


I’ve broadcast a series of shows about writers and writing on my show, Elemental Musings. Here are some selections you might enjoy.

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How to get interrupted less so you can write more

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Tackling the fallacy of no time to write

General discussion on writing and creativity

Personal vs. public writing: how to use personal experiences for public articles

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BEV WALTON-PORTER is a professional author, editor and writing coach. She’s had hundreds of articles and four books published, including Sun Signs for Writers. She is currently the Director of Education at Author School.

Her site is

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  1. KL Grady
    March 19, 2009 | 10:37 PM

    What a fantastic resource. Thanks, Bev!

  2. Bev Walton~Porter
    March 20, 2009 | 12:14 AM

    You are quite welcome. Thanks for stopping by Milli’s blog!

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