“The Gate Keeper” – a universal prayer for writers

Written lovingly for this blog by guest blogger Sharon A. Kane

I must wait till I am “ready”
I cannot write on command
I must obey my inner workings:
I watch the chaos slowly organize
I feel the ponderances take shape
I set the stage for the ritual of “letting down”
For the ritual of the Gate Keeper letting down the gate
In order to write I must have an agreement with The Gate Keeper
That she will let down that gate and let me descend
That dark, still creative pool
Trolling the depths for words and phrases and images

When the Gate Keeper is sure I can say the words:
“Thank you for guarding and protecting me from
judgement and pain and shame
Yes! Stand your post while I descend to the levels of treasure
Where there is no critic or judge
Only imagination, sureness of truth, sureness of self
Where I know who I am
I know my life lessons
I’m ready to manifest
I’m ready right now
I’m conscious right now
I am awake right now!”

the words start to come,
one by one
then a trickle
then a stream
ideas take shape
setting the stage for
humor with belly laughs
and gravity with tears
and wisdom with stillness
and words are streaming a stream sure of its direction
whooshing, scaling rocks, and boulders and fallen trees,
cool clear water moving fast
cooling the ambient air past forest orchids and painted turtles and
bugs, lots and lots of bugs
till it meets another stream
the words come even faster now,
the images almost too fast
I can’t write fast enough
ink to paper, suddenly slow but I write,
and the streams start swirling
spiraling tornados, white caps and foam
we hit the rapids, the paper my kayak, the pen my oar,
the ongoing mist misting my eyes my face
the words rush as rushing water,
these waves of truth emerging from my head my heart my soul
no longer aware if I will reach someone
or make the world a better place
Because I am in the center of my self in the center of my knowing
I am writing speaking sharing my truth my story my experience
My life lesson, My challenge, even My obligation to open my self to the hungry others ready to resonate and receive permission,
ready to take their next steps,
ready to taste the watery ride
that is theirs for the taking,

Just step into the kayak and pick up the paddle,
let the water float you until
the urge to dip into the water
enlivens your paddle-wielding arms


I am a musician, energy healer, gardener and experimental cook. Convinced I couldn’t write, I started journaling to cope with challenging life events. Writing became the medium to move through the emotional work in a gentle way. My writing became the safe haven for the voice of my inner self.

Sharon blogs at: sophisticatedpeasant.blogspot.com

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