10K Day: Live, While It’s Happening! – March 28 or 31

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WELCOME TO ALL those plucky writers who are participating this week!

This is the place to post your check-ins for Wed, March 28 and/or Saturday, March 31.

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If you’re participating from overseas, feel free to start according to your own time zone. This check-in page is posted the evening before the event so you can. 🙂


You’ll regret it later (when you’re feeling fried) if you don’t take regular breaks. Even if you’re on fire with your writing, take your scheduled breaks.

Every two hours is recommended. Breaks are also for posting check-ins.


TIP: If you don’t see your comment right away after posting, try refreshing your screen.

1. You can mention your word count if you want to. If you’d rather not, please comment about your progress thus far.

2. You can also describe what you’re working on.

3. Feel free to mention how you’re feeling and how the day is going for you.

4. It’s always fun to hear what people are drinking, snacking on or listening to.

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Go gettum, Tigers! – Milli



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129 Responses to 10K Day: Live, While It’s Happening! – March 28 or 31
  1. Estrella Azul
    March 28, 2012 | 7:09 AM

    I’ll be joining everyone on Saturday, so happy writing until then! 🙂

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 8:26 AM

      Estrella, thanks for stopping in to wish us happy writing. 🙂 See you on Saturday!


  2. Marilyn
    March 28, 2012 | 7:53 AM

    Good morning all, I’m here. I will be taking breaks to feed animals. Furry and non-furry. Two and four legged.

    I am planning on writing new Mikey Dog adventures. I have several stories written but I will be writing new ones here today and hopefully on Saturday.

    Good luck all,


    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 8:28 AM

      ‘Morning, Peache,

      I predict we shall all feel very creative today, with the spirit of Mikey Dog romping around us as we write.

  3. Carole
    Twitter: cjtreggett
    March 28, 2012 | 8:23 AM

    Good morning All,
    Sorry I guess I forgot to R.S.V.P, but I’m here today!

    I’m planning on working on my memoir project and hopefully a few other short pieces for possible publication for my websites.

    I have meetings and other obligations late afternoon and into the evening, so I better get right ‘to it’ to see how much I can accomplish today.

    Good luck everyone and hope you all have a great day of writing ahead.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 8:32 AM

      Good Morning, Carole,

      So glad to have you here. I hope your writing morning feels good and flows like a river. And croaks for you like a frog in a bog. 😉

      ~ Milli

  4. Fear of Writing
    Twitter: fearofwriting
    March 28, 2012 | 8:35 AM

    Good Morning All,

    My honey is out in the kitchen grinding beans for cappuccino. As soon as I have that mug in my hand, and smell that sprinkle of cinnamon on the foam, and taste that creative elixir, I’ll be ready to start.

    I’m going to revel in writing some fiction for my own enjoyment today. And see where it takes me.

    ~ Milli

  5. JM Merchant
    Twitter: jmmerchant86
    March 28, 2012 | 9:10 AM

    Good afternoon everyone

    I’m late starting today but I’ve been for a swim and filled myself up on Milli’s bean salad so I’m good and raring to go. I’ve got a few things to work on today:

    – Rewrite a short story I drafted about a month again
    – Fiddle with my entry for the Form and Genre Challenge 2012#8: The Historical Challenge
    – Write this months update of The Apple Diary as the first post on my brand-spanking-new-but-still-needs-a-few-tweaks website.
    – Complete at least 2 character profiles for my novel

    I’m trying to bribe myself to write today, I know how rubbish I am at actually getting stuff done, so I’ve bought a tube of chocolate mini eggs, I’m allowed 1 every 200 words. There’s also a bowl of pancake batter in the fridge so I’m allowed to attach that when I get to 2.5k, and a chocolate pudding at 5k. Methinks I shouldn’t have bothered with the swimming today but we’ll see if it works.

    Hope everyone has a great word-arse-kicking day.
    Jo x

    • Carole
      Twitter: cjtreggett
      March 28, 2012 | 9:19 AM

      Jo, I love how you’ve set up treats as rewards for your writing milestones! If you’re successful, I may go out and buy some chocolate for the next 10K, but you have me scrounging around the house now for some LOL. Nah, I’ll be a good girl and stick with the breakfast of warm brown rice, walnuts, cut up apple and a wee ribbon of maple syrup over top 🙂

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 9:55 AM

      Jo, how exciting! Your own website. I took a quick peek. I love the shelves of books in the background! Makes me feel all writerly.

      Your list sounds juicy and your rewards sound yummy. Every 200 words sounds very doable. Best of luck with your new writing system. 😀

  6. Marilyn
    March 28, 2012 | 9:58 AM

    Oh my. Chocolate eggs! Great idea. And Milli, your honey making you cappuccino! You have him trained. Love the sound of the rice concoction. Yum, I had two of my friend, Betty’s farm fresh eggs and a delicious orange.

    Ok, I am already procrastinating. I have answered some personal emails and commented on a couple blogs. Do those count toward my word count today?

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 10:53 AM

      Go, Peache!! I know Mikey Dog will help you.

      • Marilyn
        March 28, 2012 | 11:12 AM

        Thanks Mill, just got to 650, and realized I think I have already written this story. Oh well, it will be good at editing time.

        I have noticed I am not worrying so much about typos and sentence structure this time. Just going for the words.

  7. Fear of Writing
    Twitter: fearofwriting
    March 28, 2012 | 10:05 AM

    Wasn’t planning on an update this soon but the world tried to intrude on my little writing sanctuary so I thought it might be therapeutic to vent about it here.

    First, Brian wanted to tell me something about international taxes. Had to halt him before he could take me out of the wonderful creative place I got to with my first 1500 words. (Talk about guilt about not being there for my spouse when he wants to share. Oh, yuck to guilt. And he’ll survive.)

    Then the blasted tornado siren went off, sending its shock waves out over the city. Turns out it was only a test by the National Weather Service – but they could have picked a better day for it!! That really got my heart pumping, but not with the kind of vigor I was looking for. 😀

    OK, back to it. I want to reconnect with those wonderful creative feelings I was having before I was so rudely interrupted. . . .

    • Carole
      Twitter: cjtreggett
      March 28, 2012 | 10:14 AM

      Yowsa, Milli. I can relate to the twinge of guilt you feel when you’re interrupted and need to reinforce your boundaries again. I have to do that over here constantly if Michael is at home, because he’s impulsive as a puppy, often unaware that I’m working (even though I’ve told him beforehand lol).

      I would have jumped out of my skin too with that tornado siren too! So relieved though to hear it was only a test. Hopefully it’ll be all quiet on the home front from now on so you can rejoin your muse on today’s adventure…

      I’ve had a false start to the day as well with a work issue I have to clear up right now, but hopefully I’ll be free very soon to concentrate on my writing.

  8. Valeka
    March 28, 2012 | 10:50 AM

    Good morning everyone! I’m just getting started on my 10K today. I’m ready to get started! I’ll check in again in a couple of hours 🙂 Have fun everyone!

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 10:55 AM

      Welcome, Valeka!

      How fun to have you here with us for your first 10K Day. Sounds like you’re full of exuberance for your writing. Looking forward to your first check-in a few hours from now. 🙂

      ~ Milli

  9. Fear of Writing
    Twitter: fearofwriting
    March 28, 2012 | 11:12 AM

    2,676 words so far and I was able to get back in touch with the creative feeling I had before the interruptions.

    I’ve had two breakthroughs so far this morning – both to do with how I want to feel about my writing. WONDERFUL!!

    Now I’m starving. Time for breakfast. Fried eggs over blueberry waffles (the toaster variety – too impatient to spend time cooking things from scratch today) with a drizzle of real maple syrup over the waffles. Yum. Can’t wait to gobble them down.

    • JM Merchant
      Twitter: jmmerchant86
      March 28, 2012 | 12:15 PM

      So glad you found your way back Milli, and that the siren was just a test! And I’m sure Brian will get over it.

      Your breakfast sounds amazing, it’s making me hungry!
      Have a good rest of the day.

  10. Lois
    March 28, 2012 | 11:24 AM

    Hullo! I’ve finally made it! 😀

    I’ll be working on a role play story today. I’ve had a goal to write 25K in the month of March, and I’m at just over 20K, so my goal for today is to reach my March goal.

    But first, I need to finish my second breakfast! 😛 (Both were very light, so no worries about packing on the pounds here.) Already had my coffee, but I’m thinking of having some Guayusa and Rooibos tea.

    Once I’m done working on the story, I need to work on my outline for Script Frenzy. I’m so far behind on that, it’s pitiful!

    Good luck, y’all! 🙂


    • JM Merchant
      Twitter: jmmerchant86
      March 28, 2012 | 12:16 PM

      Wow, nicely done on the monthly total Lois! Good luck with smashing through it this week.

      • Lois
        March 28, 2012 | 12:28 PM

        Thanks, JM! Now, if I could just ignore all the distractions, I could get something done! 😛

        • Carole
          Twitter: cjtreggett
          March 28, 2012 | 12:44 PM

          Hi Lois,
          Wow, 20k + for this month, that’s a lot! Obviously you do have a few effective methods to not letting distractions stop you from progressing with your work 🙂 Script Frenzy sounds like a fun and rewarding challenge.

          • Lois
            March 28, 2012 | 12:49 PM

            Thanks! I’ve been known to write three times that and more, but lately, I haven’t been able to find as much time to write. 20K is good for me lately. 😉

            Oh, Script Frenzy’s a ton o’ fun! 😀

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 12:18 PM

      Hi Lois! Glad to see you here.

      Role play stories sound fun. Not really sure what those are, but they sound cool.

      Second breakfast, yippee!! I’m going to have second coffee soon.

      • Lois
        March 28, 2012 | 12:30 PM

        LOL My friend, K, and I role play through Dreamwidth. She has her characters, and I have mine, and they interact. She’s kind of like the DM, as in she guides the storyline. And on the side, we write stories that are AAU, as most of them don’t fit the actual circumstances of the RP. My characters are from Lucky Raven’s storyverse. 🙂

        As for second breakfast, here’s hoping it holds me longer than first breakfast did! 😛

  11. Marilyn
    March 28, 2012 | 11:27 AM

    Hi Lois,

    Good to see you here. Sounds like you have been very busy. Good luck today!

    • Lois
      March 28, 2012 | 12:31 PM

      Hi Marilyn,

      Sadly, I haven’t been as busy as I usually am. And this morning has been one distraction after another, but I’m about to jump in and get to work. I can do it! 😀

      • Marilyn
        March 28, 2012 | 2:09 PM

        Lois, girl I know you got it going on! You’ll be banging those keys any time now. You rock!

        • Lois
          March 28, 2012 | 2:22 PM

          Thanks, Marilyn! 😀

          As happens, I’ve been working on it finally. I’m not sure what my word count is for today, but I’m getting closer to my monthly goal of 25K. I’m now at about 22,500 words! 😀

  12. JM Merchant
    Twitter: jmmerchant86
    March 28, 2012 | 12:19 PM

    Well that’s the first 1k and 5 eggs down, so glad I can rely on my blog posts to consistently be 1k, give or take a hundred! Unless it’s the theatre reviews, they can explode a bit sometimes.

    I think an hour and a bit of redrafting that story, then off to my friend Ella’s for dinner and tortoise harassment!

    Hope everyone is still going strong.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 12:21 PM

      Congrats on the 1K and the 5 googs there, Jo. 😀

      Dinner with friends sounds fun. I hope that tortoise chases you something fierce!! 😉

  13. Marilyn
    March 28, 2012 | 12:34 PM

    Congrats Jo and Milli. I’ve just gotten Mikey recovered after running off as we were on our way to the airport. And now I’m in Africa on Safari while Mikey is being loved and cared for by a neighbor.

    A little over 1700 words. Now I have to go clean the barn, clean water buckets, get some hugs and kisses from the horses, put out more hay for their lunch. Then make lunch for hubby and me and a little break.

    Whew. I’d forgotten how fun this is. And rewarding. Thanks Mill. Hey, can I use total characters, no spaces? hehe If I did that I’d be at 7400!!

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 12:37 PM

      LOL! I like the way your mind works. 7400 words already and it’s still morning in Texas. You da winnah!!

      Have fun getting those horsey kisses. I can smell that delicious hay from here.

      Tell Mickey I said Hi.

      • Marilyn
        March 28, 2012 | 2:13 PM

        Yeah, I like 7400. Sure make 10K a piece of cake.

        Dee came over here one time and she’d never really been around horses. She loved it. She called it “getting snoodled”. Doncha just love Dee. I tell Mick and same to Brian.

    • Carole
      Twitter: cjtreggett
      March 28, 2012 | 12:54 PM

      I live down the road from two equestrian farms, Marilyn. The horses and riders frequently mosey by our house and I love saying hi and exchanging small talk with them. Thanks for sharing and glad to hear you give your four-legged friends lots of attention and affection 🙂

      • Marilyn
        March 28, 2012 | 2:07 PM

        Thanks Carole. My neighbors think I’m crazy for kissing my horses. I have three. One is a miniature and the other one is only 20 months old. So right now I only have one ride-able. They’re all spoiled rotten and I love it.

        Got lunch for everyone and back at it for a little while until I have to go out for an egg run to Betty’s. Ha.

  14. Carole
    Twitter: cjtreggett
    March 28, 2012 | 12:48 PM

    Well, I managed to hunker down and have 1,717 words down so far. Going to take a little break and do my exercise workout and have a bite to eat before getting back to it.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 12:57 PM

      Terrific, Carole! Great comeback after being pulled away by your situation that needed attention.

      I like the number 1717. The way it looks.

  15. Fear of Writing
    Twitter: fearofwriting
    March 28, 2012 | 1:01 PM

    3,472 and I’m stopping to make more coffee.

    Gotta admit that, although I planned to have another cappuccino as a treat for my special writing day, this break will be a stalling tactic as well. I just reread a story I started in 2005 and I’m intimidated at how to start it up again and do justice to what I’ve written so far. What I wrote was very imaginative and I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be able to reconnect to the fairy tale characters in the story.

    • Carole
      Twitter: cjtreggett
      March 28, 2012 | 3:35 PM

      I’m hear shaking my head in admiration and awe, Milli. You’re amazing. Well done, Chief 😀 I love fairy tales; so much great insight from them!

      • Carole
        Twitter: cjtreggett
        March 29, 2012 | 9:22 AM

        ‘Hear’, ‘Here’…my perfectionist self can’t let that little slip-up be lol. That’ll teach me to be thinking of two (see? hehe) too many things at once 😀

  16. Valeka
    March 28, 2012 | 1:36 PM

    I’m getting ready for my lunch break and I’m at 2102 words so far! Not too shabby! I’m having a great time 🙂

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 2:33 PM

      2102 words so far. Way cool!!

      Even better to hear that you’re having a great time with your writing. 🙂 🙂

      • Fear of Writing
        Twitter: fearofwriting
        March 28, 2012 | 2:50 PM

        Just took a break and read the latest post on your blog. Ahh, the blue bonnets! I lived in the Hill Country for a few years and enjoyed seeing those as well as the orange Indian Paintbrush flower (I think they were called).

        Big Baby is a cutie and the trail looked great! Nice 5-mile round trip, complete with splashy puddles and glorious mud. Thanks for all the pictures!

        ~ Milli

        • Valeka
          March 28, 2012 | 2:57 PM

          So glad you enjoyed my blog! Big Baby certainly makes every outing an adventure 🙂

  17. Marilyn
    March 28, 2012 | 2:17 PM

    Hi Valeka, that’s awesome!!

    • Valeka
      March 28, 2012 | 2:55 PM

      Thanks, Marilyn! 🙂

  18. Lois
    March 28, 2012 | 2:29 PM

    Okay. I just did an “official” word count check, and I’m at 2,112 words. I have 2,491 words left. Piece of cake! 😀

    And now that my short break is over, it’s time to get back at it. 🙂


    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 2:34 PM

      Isn’t that all one word? Piecacake? Heehee.

  19. Fear of Writing
    Twitter: fearofwriting
    March 28, 2012 | 2:35 PM

    4,785 and I’m blissfully happy that I’ve reconnected with my fairy tale. It has taken on a life of its own and all I have to do is follow it around and type the words.

  20. Marilyn
    March 28, 2012 | 2:50 PM

    Mill, how cool. Great to hear. Ok so I brought my lunch up here and ate it while I wrote. Fresh Berries and whole milk yogurt. Yummy! I’m now at 2464. Good but I got a slow start this morning. Not what I want for me today. Now I need a break. Back in a few. Then maybe it’ll be a pieceocake. Or is it pieceacake?

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 2:53 PM

      Yay on the 2464! And the berries and yogurt for lunch sounded yum!

      Mikey Dog just needed to get a run-up. You’ll be pelting more words like summer rain after your break. 🙂

  21. Lois
    March 28, 2012 | 3:15 PM

    I’m now at 3,209. Taking another brief break, but will get back to it for about 1,500 more before I quit for the day. 🙂

    Pieceofcake! 😀

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 4:02 PM

      Waytogo, Lois! You’re a total inspiration with your word count for the month. I’m pleased you got to write with us today to help meet your 25K goal for March.

      • Lois
        March 28, 2012 | 5:05 PM

        Thanks, Milli! (And I see “waytogo” is one word too! Haha!) I got a late start, and it was slow going, but I surpassed my goal of 25K for the month, so I’m happy!

        It was fun! I can’t wait to join you again next month. 🙂


  22. Carole
    Twitter: cjtreggett
    March 28, 2012 | 3:47 PM

    Turns out I’m having a whale of a time today writing. Not a heck of a lot in word count ( 2,430 so far) but I got to actually ENJOY my time working on a few projects,including writing a poem or a vignette (not sure what it turned out to be hehe) called ‘James, Bronzed’ (centering around a statue of the inventor of basketball, who happens to be from the small town I live just outside of now). As a bonus I also got to take some really great pictures of two young deer grazing in our backyard 🙂

    I’ll continue for another hour or so on another essay, then I have to pack it in for the day and move on to work obligations.

    In case I don’t get a chance to get back here this afternoon, thanks all for the lovely banter in here today. It’s so impressive what you’re all working on! It really helps not having to slog it out alone. So grateful for Milli organizing these 10k days! Hugs.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 4:00 PM

      Absolutely wonderful to hear, Carole! I’m thrilled you’re having a whale of a time. ENJOY in capital letters is the best result you could possibly have for a 10K Day.

      I love the title “James, Bronzed.” Sounds like fun! And so is having some deer in the yard right when you’re available to take some pix.

      Happy writing for your last hour. So glad you got to join us today.


  23. Fear of Writing
    Twitter: fearofwriting
    March 28, 2012 | 5:01 PM

    I’m on 5,930 and at a standstill for now. I’ve been enjoying myself so much, my senses feel a bit overloaded! Need a longer break this time. Reading and dabbling on the Internet hasn’t revived me yet. I might not come back till after dinner. Protein always revives me.

  24. Lois
    March 28, 2012 | 5:40 PM

    I finished the day with 4,230 new words, bringing my March total so far to 25,582! I’m happy. I wasn’t sure I’d make it to 25K, but I did it. I did it! I did it! 😀

    And now I’m off to make dinner (curried tofu and veggies with beans) and edit those words so I can send them to K. 🙂

    To everyone still writing, good luck! Keep on keepin’ on! 😀

    And congrats to anyone who’s already reached their goals! *happy dance*

    Catch you next month.


    • Valeka
      March 28, 2012 | 6:43 PM

      YAY Lois!! That’s excellent!

      • Lois
        March 28, 2012 | 8:08 PM

        Thanks, Valeka! 😀

  25. Marilyn
    March 28, 2012 | 6:01 PM

    I’m back. Errands took longer than expected. Made a big coffee and hit the keys. I am now at 3347 so far. But my character count with no spaces is 13944! 😉 Ha, I like that number.

    Way to go everyone. I too need to go feed the animals dinner and start dinner for my husband. Not nearly as healthy as you Lois. Bratwurst, homemade coleslaw and potato salad. But yummy.

    I have written the body of 3 more chapters for Mikey Dog. And I have the makings of a new one.

    I will try to come back tonight to add to the count but I’m pooped now so not sure but I’ll be back on Saturday to continue my work.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 28, 2012 | 7:12 PM

      13,944!! Yeah, let’s have the Character Count Day instead of the 10K Day. Makes it way more like having writing superpowers. Heehee.

      If you do come back after dinner, I’ll be here. Going for a walk with Brian first and then I’ll be back at it. I’m hoping Valeka will be writing with us this evening as well.

      • Valeka
        March 28, 2012 | 8:31 PM

        I’m back! Ready to write for a few more hours and then call it a night. This has been so great. Definitely keeps me motivated. 🙂

        • Fear of Writing
          Twitter: fearofwriting
          March 28, 2012 | 8:34 PM

          Glad you like it so much! It’s been motivational having your enthusiastic participation today. 🙂

          I’m getting tired but still want to keep writing for a while. Nice to know you’re over there writing with me.

    • Lois
      March 28, 2012 | 8:12 PM

      Your dinner sounds yummy, too! 😀

  26. Fear of Writing
    Twitter: fearofwriting
    March 28, 2012 | 8:57 PM

    7,234 and I’m feeling a little less tired. Need to get up and stretch and drink some water and then I’ll be diving back in.

    • Valeka
      March 28, 2012 | 9:44 PM

      I’m still going and have reached 4325. A nice cup of tea might help to give me a little pep!

      • Fear of Writing
        Twitter: fearofwriting
        March 28, 2012 | 9:48 PM

        I’m still here as well. A cup of tea sounds divine! Maybe I’ll get one too.

      • Fear of Writing
        Twitter: fearofwriting
        March 28, 2012 | 9:49 PM

        Your 4325 words is awesome!!

        • Valeka
          March 28, 2012 | 11:09 PM

          Well, at 5722, I am calling it a night! I wish I had reached the 10K mark but I’m happy with what I did. I can’t wait for the next 10K! Thanks so much for organizing this, Milli!!!

          • Fear of Writing
            Twitter: fearofwriting
            March 31, 2012 | 9:15 PM

            Valeka, wanted to come back and say that 5722 was awesome for your very first 10K Day! I’m tickled that you can’t wait for the next one. It was so fun having you here. 🙂

            • Valeka
              March 31, 2012 | 9:34 PM

              Thank you so much, Milli! I will certainly be back for the next 10K. I took the day off today but I will be back to writing tomorrow! I hope you and everyone participating today had a wonderful day of writing! 🙂

  27. Fear of Writing
    Twitter: fearofwriting
    March 28, 2012 | 10:43 PM

    Valeka, the cup of tea was a great idea and it carried me through nicely to my stopping point.

    I reached 8,745. I know I could have plowed through to reach 10,000, but I didn’t want to. I’d rather use that time before bed to read over some of the amazing stuff I wrote today.

    When I wasn’t working on my fairy tale, I was writing stream-of-consciousness stuff that provided some deep guidance on my inner workings, and even some helpful tips on how to be more in touch with my true self. Yay!

    Looking forward to hearing how it turned out for you. 🙂

    • Valeka
      March 28, 2012 | 11:12 PM

      Sounds like you had a great day of writing!! How wonderful! I may do a bit of stream-of-consciousness work tomorrow. I think that’s a wonderful idea! I haven’t done that in quite some time. I really, truly enjoyed writing with you today! 🙂

    • Carole
      Twitter: cjtreggett
      March 29, 2012 | 9:16 AM

      Wow, Milli, you are truly a dynamo! I’m so intrigued by your fairy tale. When I grow up, I wanna be a prolific writer just like you. Fantastic:D

  28. Estrella Azul
    March 31, 2012 | 6:31 AM

    Having a really late start to my 10k Day, but here I am, ready to get writing 🙂

    Happy writing everyone!

  29. Marilyn
    March 31, 2012 | 7:33 AM

    Wow, late start? I’m just getting my first cup of coffee and finishing my morning email list, then I’ll start.

    Way to go Mill last Wed!!

  30. Fear of Writing
    Twitter: fearofwriting
    March 31, 2012 | 8:52 AM

    Good Morning, Me Lovelies,

    8:49 a.m. and I’m still waking up. Got my coffee guy about to bring me a fabulous cappuccino and then I’ll get started.

    • Estrella Azul
      March 31, 2012 | 9:57 AM

      Congrats on your Wed word count, honey!!! *hugs*

    • Estrella Azul
      March 31, 2012 | 10:35 AM

      My blood pressure seems (too) low today so I had a latte and added some caramel ice cream topping.
      I’ll never go back to simple coffee/latte again! 😉

      • Fear of Writing
        Twitter: fearofwriting
        March 31, 2012 | 10:52 AM

        That’s how I feel about my breves (latte made with half-and-half). I can never be bothered with a mere latte now. 😉

  31. Marilyn
    March 31, 2012 | 9:01 AM

    Dang girl! I want a coffee guy! I’m the coffee guy around here.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 9:09 AM

      Yeah, Brian’s the maestro with our little espresso machine. He taught me how and now I make the cappuccinos for us on weekdays. And then he’s my slave, I mean he makes them on Saturday and Sunday. 😀

  32. Taryn Blake
    Twitter: tarynblake71
    March 31, 2012 | 9:11 AM

    Happy 10K Day everyone! I have to get our taxes done today, but maybe I can join in later.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 9:14 AM

      Yay, Taryn!!! Good to see ya.

      I’m sending a very efficient and enthusiastic tax fairy to help you so you can knock those over pronto and come join us. 😀

      • Taryn Blake
        Twitter: tarynblake71
        March 31, 2012 | 11:19 AM

        Your tax fairy is indeed very efficient and enthusiastic. A thousand thanks for sending her. I’m finished, and without my traditional anxiety attack.

        I need to find some food, but then I’ll be ready to write!

        • Fear of Writing
          Twitter: fearofwriting
          March 31, 2012 | 11:24 AM

          Wow! Those fairies really do work some magic. (Brian’s always amazed whenever the Underwear Fairy flies in secretly and brings him clean undies, LOL.) I’m totally in awe of how fast you finished doing your taxes and super-glad to hear you didn’t have an anxiety attack. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          I’m so excited that now you’re free to write with us!

    • Estrella Azul
      March 31, 2012 | 10:37 AM

      Oh darn… that reminds me of my own taxes. Why was I sure I’d already finished?

      • Taryn Blake
        Twitter: tarynblake71
        March 31, 2012 | 11:20 AM

        Uh oh. Sorry!

  33. Marilyn
    March 31, 2012 | 9:37 AM

    Ha, Mill, bad girl. I just heard my slave up. Ha ha. I have to go make breakfast, re-tank on coffee and I’ll be back.

    I am working on Mikey dog but I only have 546 WC at this point. I plan on writing a few more ideas and stories and then I need to work on my horse stories. They are already putting some stories together and asking for some for their ebooks.

    So back in a flash.

  34. Fear of Writing
    Twitter: fearofwriting
    March 31, 2012 | 9:57 AM

    1,227 words of fun journaling (dreaming and scheming for a creative project) and now I’m starving. I think I can hear my breakfast slave in the kitchen getting things started. Heehee.

  35. Estrella Azul
    March 31, 2012 | 9:59 AM

    Well, unless someone’s willing to come finish spring cleaning so I can write meanwhile, I have to surrender now…
    I’ll have a three week forced stay-at-home period starting next Friday however, so I fully intend to make it productive and write every singe day and finish all the drafts.

    Hope everyone else has a very productive 10k Day today!

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 10:16 AM

      Estrella, the forced stay-at-home sounds great for your writing. Wish it could have fallen during a 10K week (April’s dates will be 25 and 28) so you could write with us . . . but, meanwhile, all that daily writing sounds like just the ticket.

      Happy spring cleaning. :~)


      • Estrella Azul
        March 31, 2012 | 10:21 AM

        That’s awesome, it does fall during a 10k week as I’m off until May 2nd. I’m so happy to be able to attend both on Wednesday and Saturday next month!

        Thanks, you have a great writing day *hugs*

  36. Marilyn
    March 31, 2012 | 11:09 AM

    I’m back. I had two Hill Farm fresh eggs and this is going to sound so weird and maybe yucky but I read recently that if you eat a little sauerkraut and plan yogurt before your breakfast it will help the flora in your gut for the rest of the day. So I tried it. Really tasted better than I thought. Not like a caramel cappuccino by any means, but not as bad as I thought.

    Then I got distracted outside. It’s such a pretty day. I wish I had a laptop. I pulled a few weeds and now back at it. After I served my master!! I told Master about Brian slave man. And I thought that was way better. Got a laugh.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 11:15 AM

      We had a brunch of scrambled eggs, sausage, fried potatoes and biscuits with jam. We always make brunch together on the weekend and we’ve got it down to clockwork. So, only partial slave boy for that one, heehee.

      The weather here is gloomy, which doesn’t make for a great view from window, but it doesn’t tempt me to go outside either.

      OK, back at to writing slave. 😉

  37. Marilyn
    March 31, 2012 | 11:55 AM

    Wow, big breakfast! That ought to inspire you.

    I’m at 2690 now, whew. I feel like I’ve been writing for hours.

    I’m kind of at a stopping place with Mikey. I may switch over to a horse story and see what happens. Just to see if I can squeeze some other inspiration. ‘

    Ferries are a good ;@)))) Oh, my little smiley guys looks like me with a double chin. 🙁

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 12:00 PM

      Way to go on the 2690 words, Peache! You must have really burned rubber after breakfast. What’s in *your* coffee? Hehe. Or did Mikey Dog get into the catnip?

      I’m on 2587 and have come to a stopping place with the brainstorming I was doing. Going to write some feedback for a FoW student, and then switch over to my fiction.

      Guess what my story is about? Fairies! What else? 😉

  38. Taryn Blake
    Twitter: tarynblake71
    March 31, 2012 | 12:16 PM

    I’ve had some Japanese fried rice and spicy egg, and am opening my word processing program now.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 12:32 PM

      Yum! Almost makes me hungry again.

  39. Fear of Writing
    Twitter: fearofwriting
    March 31, 2012 | 12:33 PM

    I’m on 2929 and feeling the need for another break. I’m going to make second coffee and then come back and start on my fiction.

  40. Marilyn
    March 31, 2012 | 1:01 PM

    Love fried rice!! I’m now at a total of 4119. I am taking a break to go out and enjoy some sun, have some lunch and check on the horses. Probably a couple hours then back with energized afternoon cup of Joe.

    Mikey did run and race and then the horse story started coming together. I had no idea what I was going to write but when I started thinking about my very first encounters with horses it bloomed!! More after a break. Hang in there ladies!!

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 1:06 PM

      Wowza, Peache!! 4119 already. You rock!

      Yeah, running around with those critters who want their stories told I guess you just have to type fast to keep up. 😉

  41. Fear of Writing
    Twitter: fearofwriting
    March 31, 2012 | 2:19 PM

    4574 words and I’ve been enjoying working on my story.

    Time for a little break. Brian went man shopping (Harbor Freight Tools) and he’ll want to show me what he bought.

  42. Fear of Writing
    Twitter: fearofwriting
    March 31, 2012 | 3:41 PM

    Still on 4574. I gave myself a longer break this time. Took a warm shower, where I got two ideas for new online courses: both involving magical creative topics. Had a cup of tea and a biscotti, opened some mail, did some reading. Now I’m ready to enjoy the next adventure in my fairy tale.

    Anybody else still out there?

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 4:41 PM

      5958 now and I’ve added about 8.5 pages to my story in the big-sized font I like to write in for fun stuff.

      Going to switch back to some stream-of-consciousness writing for a while, since that’s been giving me lots of wisdom and good ideas the past few days.

      Hello? Anybody? 🙂

  43. Marilyn
    March 31, 2012 | 4:53 PM

    I’m here. Just now. Just wrote a paragraph, didn’t bother to count yet. Wow, Milli, 5958. Awesome. I’m back for a short. I spent too much time with the horses and then showered also.

    Cool about the fantasy writing. Oops, you said magical. Sounds interesting.

    I’ll work for about another hour.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 5:02 PM

      Yippee! Glad you came back.

      • Fear of Writing
        Twitter: fearofwriting
        March 31, 2012 | 5:07 PM

        I wonder where Taryn got to…….?

  44. Marilyn
    March 31, 2012 | 5:45 PM

    I am now at 5650! hehe. I’ll hang in a few more minutes and then I think I’m bagging it for today. Back in jiff.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 5:55 PM

      Peache, don’t forget before you quit for the day to share how it went with your horse writing (wriding). I’m very curious to hear. 🙂

      I’m on 7406 and feeling relaxed, really enjoying myself. I’m gonna keep going for now.

  45. Marilyn
    March 31, 2012 | 6:08 PM

    The horses are out my window beckoning me to come feed them. My husband will be wanting dinner soon after. I made it to 6180 for the day. My horse story flowed like a stream. I just started writing about my life and how it has been a journey with horses and it’s bubbling out.

    If I count what I wrote on Wednesday, 3347, I’m at a total of 9527 for the day. Think I’ll come back and write just enough to give me 10K for the week.

    I will be talking to you in the next couple days as I will be signing up for your “Ace your 10K day online course”!!

    Back in a few for one more spurt of creative juices.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 6:11 PM

      I’ve got goose bumps hearing about how it flowed like a stream for you once you started writing it. I also love the sound of you coming back to write enough to make it to 10K for the two days. Wride that pony! 😀

  46. Marilyn
    March 31, 2012 | 6:09 PM

    Oops, I meant to day I would have a combined total work count of 9527 for the week.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 6:11 PM

      I knew exactly what you meant. Didn’t even notice the typo. 🙂

  47. JM Merchant
    Twitter: jmmerchant86
    March 31, 2012 | 6:32 PM

    Good evening ladies,

    I ended up having to cover someone else’s shift at the pub today so bye-bye writing day. But now I’m fed and vegged so I’m going to pootle through a final edit of my FGC submission to be sent off in the morning.

    Really nice to see other people having such a productive time this week, I’m seriously starting to consider hypnotherapy to help me get into the zone quicker instead of getting distracted all the time.

    Good luck for the rest of the day anyone that’s left.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 6:48 PM

      Yay, Jo! So glad to see you!

      I’ve got Taco Man making dinner and after I gorge myself on Brian’s yummy tacos I plan to come back and try for 10,000. I’m on 8611 and only a little tired. Mainly just relaxed and enjoying myself. Glad to know I’ll have a funtastic companion to write with this evening. 😀

      (Eee! just realized it must be LATE where you are. Like, nearly midnight. Hope you can hang in there for a little while. Your FGC submission sounds intriguing . . . and can you share what FGC stands for?)

      • JM Merchant
        Twitter: jmmerchant86
        March 31, 2012 | 7:16 PM

        Your right Milli, it is late, but when I wrote the first draft of this story on Monday it had me up til gone 4am, it wouldn’t let me sleep. The dark hours seem to be my most productive time.

        FGC is the Form and Genre Challenge over at Write Anything, I’m taking part in challenge 8: The Historical Challenge


        The submission form opened up 11 minutes ago and now I’m getting twitchy to submit so better get on with the edit.

        Enjoy those tacos, sounds like a delish way to end the day. Good luck with that last 1389 words, that’ll probably be easy now after the rest of today 🙂

        • Fear of Writing
          Twitter: fearofwriting
          March 31, 2012 | 7:42 PM

          Jo, that’s nifty about the Form and Genre Challenge. I checked out the specs for The Historical Challenge and it sounds fun. Best o’ luck in the contest!

          If I read the instructions right, you’ll be posting it on your blog as well? If yes, tweet me when it’s up so I’ll know to come read it.

          Sounds wondrous to have a story keep you up till 4 a.m. I’m glad you had the opportunity to write it during your most productive hours. I know I love it when my writing syncs with my body clock.

          And, now, I must be excused so I can devour this organic dark chocolate peanut butter cup that keeps staring at me and murmuring Eat Me.

          • JM Merchant
            Twitter: jmmerchant86
            March 31, 2012 | 10:00 PM

            It’s 3am and it’s done! It’s submitted! It’s out of my hands! I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I waited til morning!

            Readers voting opens on Monday btw 🙂

            Blimey Milli, nicely done on that word count! A fine and productive week it would seem.

            And now I must urgently to bed, back to work soon but thank god it’s a short shift. Hope to use the remaining time to get another short story finished.

            Much love everyone. Merchant out!

            • Fear of Writing
              Twitter: fearofwriting
              March 31, 2012 | 11:02 PM

              Fantastico, Jo! Well done on the contest entry and I’ll be in the voting booth come Monday. 😀

              Good luck getting a little sleep before you have to go back to work. So glad you could join us tonight!

  48. Marilyn
    March 31, 2012 | 6:51 PM

    Hi JM, welcome, let it flow like a stream. I’m back like a bad penny. My man slave actually fed the dogs and cat! He knew I was madly writing, oops, I mean Wriding. Love it Mill, Wride that pony. Yeehaaa!

    Saturday night right. I fed the horses and my other chores were done by my man slave. Ha, I’m liking that phrase a lot. So I made myself a little martini with three cocktail onions. I have about 470 or so to reach 10K for the week. It’s been so long since I’ve wriden, so this feels really good. Maybe that’s the martini. Back in a few.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 6:57 PM

      Peache, you sound like a liberated woman. I thoroughly enjoyed your perky update! Yeah, here’s to creative liberation with three cocktail olives and a man slave on the side. 😀

  49. Marilyn
    March 31, 2012 | 7:31 PM

    Gosh, 4am, I’m just starting to wake up. I’ve gotten to 7145 for the day! Yay, so that gives me a total for this week 10492! I’m pleased with myself and Milli I sure do appreciate your friendship and encouragement.

    I am signing off now, will check in the morning how you guys did. Looking forward reading about your successes in the morning. Sending you creative thoughts.

    Wrider signing off. For now.

    • Fear of Writing
      Twitter: fearofwriting
      March 31, 2012 | 7:45 PM

      10492 for the week! *applause*

      Take your bows, Peache. So happy for you. 🙂 🙂

  50. Fear of Writing
    Twitter: fearofwriting
    March 31, 2012 | 8:53 PM

    10,236 for the day.

    18,981 for my Wed/Sat.

    I’m not as tired as I thought I’d be. I could actually keep going, if need be, but I wanted to finish in a spot that would give me a good storyline cue for next time.

    The more I do the 10K Days, the more my stamina for it improves. Very cool benefit of the practice.

    Jo, I’ll check in later to see if you’ve posted any updates. I hope your editing was fun! Now, get that entry in while the Mr. Linky widget is awake. 😀

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