Fun Writing Prompt – In the Name of the Law

Brian has been working over in New Jersey and last weekend they went to the seashore for a break. He emailed me the photo below, saying:

This was driving on the boardwalk yesterday… Funny as hell seeing the 2 cops wearing shades looking all serious – LOL!

Here’s your writing prompt. Be sure to break all the known rules and get really silly with your story. That’s the best way in the world to warm up your creativity. And it’s fun!


You’re at the seaside playing arcade games when a minor crime happens before your eyes. The cops show up in a dinkymobile and chase the criminal. It’s hard for anybody there to take the law seriously when the sound of their car horn reminds you of honking the nose of a clown. Even harder when the cops get out of the dinkymobile wearing _________. The arrest doesn’t go like anything from the book; everybody gets involved! And it turns out the criminal is __________. Was this some kind of group therapy sent from a God with a sense of humor?

Silliest cop car ever!

Photo © Brian Williams

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  1. Valeka
    Twitter: runningonheavy
    August 29, 2012 | 12:09 PM

    I am going to use this for my 10K Writing Day today! It will give me a fun start to my daily writing 🙂

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